Sustainable engagement and wellbeing through a singular platform your employees will love to use


Building on the latest habit building neuroscience, we help you create and sustain mental social physical and financial wellness, one habit at a time

We also used best in class gamification to make sure its tons of fun  !

Employees want it


95% participation rate

Employees love it 

82% use it every single day ! 


Employees stick with it


89% continue using it after 3 months


Goodbye burnout..

Workplace burnout is becoming an epidemic, and its effects are damaging to employees as well as overall business performance. At Merakido we believe that engagement, wellbeing and productivity are not issues to be fixed by a 1 day teambuilding or simply getting some beanbags and a play station room. Merakido is a mobile enabled gamified system dedicated to help you.


Hello wellbeing

Engage your employees and build an amazing company culture Provide customized solution for each individual employee to help reduce stress and burnout Elevae employee focus and productivity for better business performance Show your employees how much you care and give them a holistic wellbeing solution covering their mental, social, physical and financial health.

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