Want wellbeing that lasts ?... make it a matter of habit

We drive sustainable engagement through a holistic focus on mental social physical and financial wellbeing and do it 1 habit 1 behavioral change and 1 mindset shift at a time.

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Personalized habit dashboard

45% of human daily behavior is habitual, so its no surpirse that we focus a huge part of our solution on helping users build and the habits they need to to revitalize and bolster their welness and success. We also understand that no 2 people are the same which is why with Merakido's habit dashboard users are in full control and free to customize and personalize their journey of behavioral change to contribute to their individual pains aspirations and things that matter most them.

Stay on top of your game

With a variety of reports, analytics and tracking tools users can check their performance and analyze their results down to the nitty gritty details of how they spend their money to when they are most active on any given day. Companies also get monthly detailed reports of learning consumed by employees, their app interaction levels and overall engagement along with insights and stats to help prirotize wellbeing initiatives and launch relevant company wide challenges and campaigns.

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Playing to win

With our propritary gamification framework users can create teams, compete with another, climb the ranks of the hall of fame, level up and get access to all sorts of rewards from our partners all of this results in a genuinely fun experience that makes employees engage with teh program and ensures participation stays higher for longer. And with a reward store that is fully customizable, employers can add all sorts of perks and rewards for their employees to enjoy.

Wellbeing masterclass

From retirement planning to neural agility and accelerated learning and from better understanding your body all the way to learning the keys to healthier relationships. Merakido comes equipped with carefully crafted and curated masterclasses and learning quests, all gamified of course, accessible at all times and updated regularly to make sure they are keeping up with the latest science and content. that in addition to an ever expanding library of articles, videos, and webinars hosting subject matter experts.

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24/7 Support

Struggling with a habit, want to ask specific questions relevant to your uniqe case… we got you covered, our team is ready to answer your questions and provide user support 24/7 and ready to match you with one of our many certified and accredited coaches in various diciplines (nutrition experts, mental health professionals, financial coaches, relationship coahes and more).